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About us

Production Equipment Imports
Sole US Importer

P.E.I. is the Master Distributor of the Olamef Component Lead Forming Machines and PCB Depanelers in America. We have been serving the electronics industry for over 18 years.
Our office is located in Carlsbad, California where we keep a large inventory of machines and spare parts.
Our sales department is trained to offer technical support both in English and Spanish. We have access to a highly experienced engineering department at the factory to respond to any special requirements and additional service.



Located in the heart of the Italian industrial region, Olamef has been manufacturing electronic component lead formers for over 25 years.  The high quality, long life and modular design that distinguish Olamef, have placed it among the leading manufacturers of Electronic Component Lead Formers, Component Counters and PCB Depanelers in the world.


Located in Germany, CAB has been developing and producing PCB separators for over 10 years. In this market, CAB leads the industry in PCB separating machines; from the manual models Maestro 2 and Maestro 3E, to the motorized depanelizers Maestro 2M and Maestro 4M and the fully automatic Maestro 5L.

Piergiacomi was founded in 1979 in Italy and has become a leader in its field  manufacturing quality hand tools, industrial equipment and offering also raw materials.
Piergiacomi offers more than 200 different types of tools and it is well known and sought after in the electronics market worldwide.

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